New ICONIC @ Hair Fair 2013!

ICONIC Couture has released four new hairstyles for Hair Fair 2013, which opens today. Get there as soon as you can and get the looks. Enjoy, fashioncitas! ♥







“Jewel” in Blonde Burn (Ombres) by ICONIC @ HairFair 2013 

Oana skin in Caramel by Meghindo’s

Nolita dress by Maitreya

Lipstick by Baiastice

Entername earrings & necklace by Bandit

Bracelets by Lazuri


“Freedom” in Chocolate (Cafe Au Laits) with Brazil band by ICONIC @ HairFair 2013 

Loredana skin in Ebony by Meghindo’s

Lipstick by Baiastice

Bikini by Amarelo Manga

Zombie popcorn jewelry by ::je suis::


“Elayna” in Golden Light (Ombres) by ICONIC @ HairFair 2013 

Buono Vacanze shirt & shorts by Armidi Gisaci

Zebra Glasses by {U.R.}

Ebony Pink lipstick by Pink Acid

Alyssa earrings by To Be Unique


“Grown Woman” in Sand blonde (Bombshells) by ICONIC @ HairFair 2013 (hair flower not included)

Oana skin in Light by  Meghindo’s

Baby phat lips in natural by Pink Acid

Bandage dress by Ricielli @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Hair Flower by Haunted Zuzu


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