And The Dinner Party Began.

22769 has released a mesh gown called “Keira”, available in 4 different colors, available at The Gallery Gift Shop.

Enjoy, fashioncitas!



Keira mesh gown by 22769 {femme} for The Gallery Gift Shop*

Aislynn skin in caramel by Meghindo’s

Noor Natural Choker and Cuff bracelets by Lazuri

Pure Emerald earrings (group gift)  by Pure Poison

Hair Unisex 37 by Dura

Wet Kiss lipstick by Glamorize

Vendetta nails by Gems & Kisses

Cropped hairbase in chocolate by booN

The Regina Blog highly recommends the Keira gown and suggests you demo the gown with a Materials viewer for maximum effect.

*A note from 22769 on the Keira dress:

For people who are not on a Materials viewer, the dresses appear like all meshes before – a nice textured dress. People who are on a materials viewer will notice two things: Folds and wrinkles that have become baked in the texture all of a sudden become three dimensional and also the pattern on the dress is subtle shimmering and behaves like real silk.


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