See if I care….

Random Urban Styling post…featuring 22769, Eaters Coma, Cheerno Male, Entente, Meghindo’s, Gems & Kisses, MANDALA, N-Core, Pink Acid, ICED, RYCA, and Gabriel.




Loredana skin in Medium by Meghindo’s

Slashed Tank in Off white by Eaters Coma

Loose denims in Used Blue by 22769 ~ [femme]

Max hair in Ilusion by Cheerno Male

Thibaut Hairbase in Floss Red (tinted pink) by Entente

Briefs by Gabriel

Poison heel in Rose by N-Core

Ganguro face stickers in pink by Candy Mountain

Takara bracelet by MANDALA

Vendetta Nails by Gems & Kisses

Multipiercing set in Platinum by ICED

Initial necklace by RYCA

Collagen lips in Magenta by Pink Acid


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