Coastal Chic


Featuring ICONIC’s LaDonna & ::JLB:: Femme’s Psychadelic


Today the Regina Blog welcomes a new sponsor!

 ::JLB:: Femme is a new female apparel store by Josiah Baxter, creator of the ::JLB:: brand. The high-end urban line is perfect for fashioncitas who want something casual, but still creative and unique! We also highlight a new hair release by longtime supporter and sponsor ICONIC Couture by Neveah Niu!! The Regina Blog is very excited about ICONIC’s addition of ombre, auburns, and blush color packs!! Woot!! Enjoy and go shopping!!!



Featuring ICONIC’s Lynx & JLB’s Ombre 





Psychadelic dress in “On Acid” by ::JLB:: Femme

(available in 5 exciting designs)

LaDonna hair in Sand (Bombshells) by ICONIC Couture

(now available in 8 color packs!)

Loredana skin in light by Meghindo’s

Kashi pumps in Magenta by MStyle

Delicacy makeup (eyes, blush) by Glamorize

Juniper Lips in Barbie by Pink Acid


Ombre Dress in Teal/Green by ::JLB:: Femme

(available in 4 color combos at fi.Fridays for 55L!)

Lynx hair in Golden (Bombshells) by ICONIC Couture

(now available in 8 color packs!)

Olympia skin in Medium by Meghindo’s

Earrings, bracelets and flats (color packs with Alyssia) by To Be Unique

Vain Sunglasses in Green Moss by Purple Moon

Mai Bag in Cream Cheese by Puddles by Brinks Lemmon (no longer open)

Natural Lips by Pink Acid


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