The King’s Quarters, Volume II

The Regina Blog brings you two more items from Meghindo’s recent Beyonce release, both creations in white, as well as a new group gift from Iconic Couture.

Enjoy and go shopping!

LOOK #1: Higher Than This




LOOK #2: Who knows



STYLECARDS (New releases in bold)


Beyonce ~ White Sequins  by Meghindo’s

Olympia skin in Ebony by Meghindo’s

Hairbases, Cropped in Brown by booN and IBHB in Fudge by ICONIC Couture

Soul heel in Pearl in white by N-Core

Precious jewelry (color change) by Lazuri

Hippie eyeliner in white by MONS

Devilicious lashes by [glow] Studio

Fine Wine Lipcolor by Glamorize


Beyonce ~ White One Piece by Meghindo’s

Sandra skin in Caramel by Meghindo’s

Modern GypsyHairwrap with Diamonds by ICONIC Couture

Hippie eyeshadow in black by MONS

Necklace by Jolie Femme

Multipiercing earring by ICED

Jolin gloss lip in red by VACKRA


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