All the right signs…..

My dear friend Giselle Chauveau joins me for an entry on our respective Zodiac signs.

Chauveau is a learned student of astrology and a beautiful soul.

Enjoy! ♥ Stylecards at the end.





The Capricorn female is characterized by leadership, hard work, goals, loyalty to family, social exclusivity, and fairness among others. She is confident, ambitious but fair and patient. Earth sign Capricorn is stable, reliable and the businessperson of the Zodiac. The arduous Capricorn may seem as if she doesn’t enjoy the fruit of her labor but reaching the goal is a prize far richer than gold.



Air sign Gemini, an intellectual and supreme conversationalist, is characterized by her love of intelligence, her search for education,  and her ability to adapt to just about any situation. The Geminis twins are the hosts, the presenters, the writers, whose energy can be likened to a light, while privately this can be a completely opposite reality and Gemini enjoys peace. The duality of Gemini also contains her tendency to get bored and turn away from situations that pose a risk to her peace.


The patience and staying power of Capricorn can be a lesson for Gemini, whose focus is ensuring that everyone is enjoying the moment. The whimsical approach to life can be refreshing for Capricorn, whose focus is working towards the overall goal. A diverse combination of learning and mutual respect for differences makes for a beautiful and effective blending of the minds. 🙂



[Glance]Anais Lipstick & Eyeshadow

[Rebelhope] Charlie Pant

[AnalogDog]Cray in Oak

[Remy]Vale Top in Moroccan

[F]oil Gold Spike & Triangle Ring 3pc set

[Bax] Foxy Boots in Wood


[Meghindo’s] Chanel gown

[Wasabi Pills] Teeloh hair in Red

[Gems & Kisses] Vendetta nails in platinum (color change)

[Gabriel] Medaille bracelet in Silver

[N-Core] Soul Chained XTremeHeel

[Finesmith] Pearlin earring


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