Post Apocalypse in the Big Easy

Every once in a while The Regina Blog releases an entry just for fun. This time, a friend of mine and previous guest model (Mr. Dolla Dinzeo) stopped by for an artistic, random shot that I hope you all like. =)


The look is inspired by deep Southern swamps, African royalty, immortality and fantasy, characteristics that remind us of ghost stories we hear about while travelling the Big Easy. I wanted to capture this magic in the photo, paying homage to the multi-faceted beauty that resides in New Orleans’ history. Stylecards below. Enjoy. ♥



On Paola:

Seoul gown by Angel Dessous

Brandi bun hair by ICONIC Couture

Loredana skin in Caramel by Meghindo’s

Areree eyelashes and eyepiece by Miamai

Butterfly Meadow earrings by Lazuri

Bianca stilettos by Felicity

Red lipstick by Glamorize

On Mr. Dinzeo:

“VAMPYRE” Suit (Jacket, Pants, Vest and Belt) by Lapointe & Bastchild

“Couture ” Croc Ankle Boots by .:L&B:.

“Dark Majestueux” Top Hat/Hair by .:L&B:.

Wicked Fangs by Sinful Needs

Mooneye in Demona Red by ND/MD


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