Peace in the Garden

So follow the path through the knowing trees, and each time you laugh, it is love you release. That love will come back in the garden of peace….

America, “Garden of Peace”

Photography at: Cheval de Mer by Addison Hax


Today we blog two items from our sponsors, Neveah Niu of ICONIC Couture and Meghindo Romano of Meghindo’s. With this, the final post of 2012, I want to simply say how very grateful I am to Neveah and Meghindo for your continued support of this blog. It is my esteemed pleasure and privelege to blog for your creations. I am also so humbled by the continued support and motivation I get from the viewers.

Thank you sincerely for your support and encouragement of this virtual artform.

You bring life to my SL. ♥

Emanuella Emanuella Emanuella Emanuella


“Emanuella” in Sand (Bombshells) by ICONIC Couture

“Golden” gown by Meghindo’s

Glamour Day lips in Soft Cream by Baiastice

Andreea skin in Medium by Meghindo’s

Bracelet & earrings in multicolor by Magic clubs


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