You Can’t Stop It…..

More beautiful wintertime releases are featured on the Regina Blog today, courtesy of ICONIC Couture and Meghindo’s! Today we blog three new releases that are available now!


“Nicole” is a wispy new style from ICONIC Couture, suitable for both casual or more formal looks. We LOVE the graduated color. “Golden” is a new ensemble gown set from Meghindo’s, also available in a pant set with a sheer or solid top, you can basically have several outfits in one item. LOVE LOVE LOVE. ♥EMERALD_007B


Appropriately paired with emerald jewelry, “Emerald” in Vintage is a new release from Meghindo’s. We love this jeweled gown/mini so much. It comes in various colors….this vintage, peuter hue is by far our favorite. ♥


STYLECARD (New releases bolded)


Nicole in Fudge (Cafe Au Laits) by ICONIC

Golden gown ensemble by Meghindo’s

Ioana skin in Caramel by Meghindo’s (group gift)

Grandma pearl earrings by Baiastice

Magic cubes bracelets in Onyx


Emerald dress in Vintage by Meghindo’s

Brandi bun in Brickhouse (Vamps) by ICONIC

 Siesta Stilettos in Brown Leather by Cliche

Brigitte earrings by Ricielli (The Dressing Room)

Magic cubes bracelets in Diamond3


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