Her Name is Beauty

“Her and love are the same.”

Dru Hill

Looking good can help you feel incredibly beautiful and this blog is fortunate to be able to present some gorgeous creations so you can achieve that in your SL. The Regina Blog presents the first half of a two-part entry, featuring six (6) new and upcoming releases from ICONIC Couture and Meghindo’s. Thank you to Neveah Niu and Meghindo Romano for your continued support of this blog. ♥♥♥


Just in time for the holidays, this party dress, Meghindo’s “Agness”, is youthful and sexy, with a modest neckline and shimmery, fitted golden bodice. Hair by ICONIC, “La Tortura”, is smart, sleaked straight style…..I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair so much…because it falls to the back, not on your shoulders, and it’s not mesh…..genius creations.


I saw this dress and the hair and thought: A sexy twist on vintage and I love how they compliment each other. The hair is a unique, classic-style updo by ICONIC called “Kurka”, reminds us of pre-1940s elegance and is perfectly paired with the incredible dress “Angeles” by Meghindo. Here, Meghindo captures simple feminine beauty in this mermaid style gown, the detailing always visually appealing. Yay 😉


We jump back into a more modern look with Meghindo’s “Angeles” in Red with the ballgown option. Hair is by ICONIC, a new style called “Marmalade”, a wispy, sassy updo that is perfect for holiday gowns.

STYLECARDS (New releases are bolded)


Hair: La Tortura in Fudge (Cafe Au Laits)  by ICONIC Couture

Dress: Agness by Meghindo’s

Make-up: Glamorize “Delicacy”

Jewelry: Diamond Square Studs by RYCA, Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Earthstones

Shoes: Chic in champagne by N-Core


Hair: Kurka in Sand (Bombshells) by ICONIC Couture

Dress: Angeles in White by Meghindo’s 

Makeup: Soft Pink Glamour Day Lips by Baiastice

Jewelry: Jennifer Pearl set by Yummy


Hair: Marmalade in Licorice (Obsidians) by ICONIC Couture

Dress: Angeles in Red by Meghindo’s

Makeup: Dark Rose Glamour Day Lips by Baiastice

Jewelry: Entername Diamond set by Bandit, Diamond Bracelet by Dahlinks



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