Can we get that way?

I told her this here’s overrated but I love your city baby
Gotta get back to the D you know we finally famous….


After a much needed recess, the Regina Blog returns with two new styles from Neveah Niu’s ICONIC Couture, soon to be released “Nia” and “Jordina”.

Thank you so much to Neveah Niu’s ICONIC Couture for her continued support of The Regina Blog! ♥


“Nia” is a luscious bob that can be resized to look more fuller or small and sassy.     I absolutely love it.


“Jordina” is a full, flowy and curly style that leaves me speechless. It’s so feminine and sweet, yet sexy and grown. Very versatile, sex appeal on 100.


Nia in Fudge (Cafe Au Laits) by ICONIC

Diva Jumpsuit in Dark Teal by R.icielli

Kitty Makeup Kit (Lips Shadow Beauty Mark) by .:Glamorize:.

Sandstorm Sandal heels by *YS&YS*

Folium bracelet/earrings/necklace by Finesmith

Round Nails 1FA in Nude Manicure by Leverocci


Jordina in Soot (Cafe Au Laits) by ICONIC

CS Dress honeysuckle pink BY HUCCI

Fab Gold Necklace by RYCA

RNI 3-Row Hoop Earrings by RYCA

Delicacy lipstick and blush by Glamorize


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