I don’t have a dirty mind. I have a sexy imagination.

~ Unknown

Sexy fashion comes in all forms: urban, avant garde, grunge, historical, etc. And today’s post shows three diversely delicious looks from the outfits I picked up at DIRAM’s 50% off sale, going on now (it’s ending within the next 24-48 hours, so hurry). DIRAM is famous for striking, high fashion outfits and for recreating ensembles made famous by some of our favorite performers such as Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna. I hadn’t visited DIRAM in quite some time so I was excited about the sale and went a little crazy. You’ll probably notice I’m wearing my thick shape (my everyday shape when I’m not modelling) — just felt like a better look could be achieved for these fits with more curves. (woot for curvy girls!) Here are three of the fits I got ~ turn up your speakers and enjoy the inspiration. (!!!) ♥ As always, stylecards are at the bottom and click on the pic for a closer look. Enjoy ♥


Photography at New York City

(visit asap, it’s lovely and you can rent to live there)

DIRAM’s “Alicia” is a cool, stylish bodysuit ensemble. Something about DIRAM makes you feel sexy without even trying, while maintaining a classy, high fashion look.


Photography at New York City

DIRAM’s MICAH borders on sexy avant garde, a tough look with an appealing edge — a pseudo exposure under a sheer portion of the top. Sometimes not showing it is sexier than showing it all. Loves it. (Thank you Gutta Luckless for posing here.)


Photography at MIC Imaginarium

DIRAM’s “Shania” is a unique ensemble that I couldn’t stop staring at for its uniqueness in fusing temptation and danger. Visually, I felt like taking these pics near rocks would be appropriate and synonymous with the hard angles in this outfit. Love Love it.





Outfit: “Alicia” by DIRAM

Lace Pantyhose in Black B by [Attitudes] 

Hair: Shaved Hairbase in Soil by Vanity; Raised hairbase in chocolate by booN

Shoes: Les Bottines Chevrefeuille by Azoury

Hat: Wool Felt Fedora by *COCO* (tinted)

Jewelry: Michelle earrings in gold by ICED; Dark gold bracelets by GATTI

Nails: Vendetta by Gems & Kisses


Outfit: MICAH by DIRAM

Hair: MAX in Dark by CheerNo (vintage male hair)

Shoes: Coquette in black by N-Core

Bracelet: Broadway’s Spikes in gold by Gems & Kisses

Makeup: Caustic in Panther Girl by Grixdale (no longer available)


Outfit: SHANIA by DIRAM (includes face mask)

Hair: Punk in Platinum by Plume

Shoes: Monument Heels in Grey by AMG Boudoir


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