Like the Way you Move…..

Body language is a very powerful tool……80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.

Deborah Bull

In today’s entry of the Regina Blog, we celebrate an additional sponsor, pose developer and retailer Neiva Kumasi, by the very talented Misha Flanagan, located on the ICONIC SIM. This will be of particular interest to bloggers: Neiva Kumasi poses are one of FEW pose developers whose poses are suitable for thicker as well as leaner, model-shape avatars. This is a realistic quality in that body parts don’t interrupt each other. / We LOVE these poses. Expect to see them used in upcoming blogs as well. Each set carries up to 10 poses in them, and there are a few featured here, so I encourage you to visit Neiva Kumasi to see all of them for yourself. ;))

Thank you to Misha Flanagan for allowing us to blog her beautiful poses. From today on, you can find the Neiva Kumasi landmark/logo on the side of this blog listed among our sponsors, as well as the landmark listed among Stores to See.  As always, click on the picture for a closer look and stylecards are at the bottom. As you’ve probably noticed, the beach is one of my favorite backdrops. /

Enjoy! ♥


Here are a few of the gorgeous poses in Neiva Kumasi’s new “Adored” pose set. Expressions are free, tender and feminine.


Neiva Kumasi’s “Take Me There” set is lovely, with movements perfect for looking ahead, expressing what’s to come. Here is a sneak peek:


The “Thick Girl” pose set from Neiva Kumasi is particularly nice because it accentuates curvy confidence. Here are a few of these poses 😉


Neiva Kumasi’s “Electrify Me” pose set is a dramatic series of exciting, grandiose movements or styles.


The “Tyrah” pose set by Neiva Kumasi involves elongated stretches and various positions with the arms, for a soft, relaxed, and expressive look. ;))



Outfit: Papi jumpsuit (mesh) by Ricielli

Hair: Tracie by Fab-u-lous Hair

Shoes: Chic in Platine by N-Core

On Holiday

Outfit: Wrap-Around Print Black swimsuit in Black by TGIS

Hair: Yippie (mesh) in Toast by Lelutka

Shoes: Coquette in Black by N-Core

Curvy Love

Outfit: Arina yellow swimsuit by Baiastice

Hair: Boys/Girls 24 in Chocolate by Dura

Shoes: Coquette platform in Turquiose by N-Core


Outfit: Cori romper by Hucci

Hair: Fiona in Flash (extremes) by Exile

Shoes: INNA by diktator Originals

Bracelet: RYCA

Earrings: Platinum multi-piercing by ICED


Outfit: Tahnee in Khaki (mesh)  by Mimikri @ The Dressing Room Blue

Hair: XXXO (mesh) in Bordeau by Leverocci

Shoes: Coquette platform in Turquiose by N-Core



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