Magical ~

“Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.”

Eugene O’Neill

Today, the Regina Blog is fortunate to bring you three more new releases from Meghindo’s spring collection. These dresses inspired a magical feel for me, so I went that route with today’s blog. I hope you enjoy! As always, click the pics for a better view and stylecards are at the bottom. ♥ Today is also the first blog we release with tunes. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Thank you to Meghindo Romano for your generous support of this blog! ♥


Photography at the Alba SIM Chapel and Garden (site of the Lobster Claw Restaurant)

This white shimmery gown, “Sofia” by Meghindo is simple and lovely, each piece moves flawlessly like a latticed feather, shown here with a fitted shiny bodice and straight skirt. Just lovely.


Photography at OZ Night Club, Calas Galadon Park

Meghindo’s Kerry Gown is a rich, glossy ruby formal gown shown here with a cascading back ballroom skirt that has a sexy bare bunched up front to reveal your sexy legs and heels.


Photography at Exploratorium

Meghindo’s new release, “Meghindo” is a nude billowy, ballgown with a jeweled bodice and jeweled pieces on every inch of fabric. It’s a mix of soft and shiny that we love, a bold, classic feminine look indeed.



Dress: Sofia by Meghindo’s

Hair: Boys/Girls #21 in Chocolate by Dura

Shoes: RIVEA pumps in Tan by MStyle

Accessories: Caruso earrings/bracelets by J&W Jewelers

Makeup: Eyeshadow and Liner “Sunshine” by Glamorize


Dress: Kerry by Meghindo’s

Hair: BOTA76 in Chocolate by booN

Shoes: Bare Jane in Red by Stiletto Moody

Accessories: Brigitte earrings in Emerald by R.icielli

Bracelets by Magic Clubs (color HUD emerald)

Makeup: Creativ.Facepaint in Coffee Liqueur by OSAKKI

Glamour Night Lips in Red by Baiastice


Dress: Meghindo gown by Meghindo’s

Hair: Ivannka in Shadow Frost (Obsidians) by ICONIC Couture

Makeup: Delicacy eyeshadow/blush by Glamorize

Glamour Night Lips in Bright Nude by Baiastice

Accessories: White pearl bracelet with Rosary


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