Stand Tall

It is a blessed thing that in every age someone has had enough individuality and courage to stand by his own convictions.

Robert G. Ingersoll

Today we bring you three new releases from Meghindo’s Spring Line, a series of GORGEOUS gowns. We also bring you an upcoming release from ICONIC Couture, and one of ICONIC’s recent new releases, and much more. Watch for the next entry where we’ll cover three more of Meghindo’s lovely new gowns, all available in her main store now. Thank you Meghindo & Nev for allowing me to feature your beautiful designs in this blog! Enjoy ♥


Photography at MIC Imaginarium

 This lovely gown by Meghindo, “Bianca” can be worn three ways – ballgown, fitted straight mesh or mini. We love it. ♥


The “Level” gown by Meghindo is a lovely metallic mesh, fitted gown. Pictured here with a beautiful, classic updo ~ ICONIC’s “Kassandra”, an upcoming release ~ and Meghindo’s Andreea 2.0 Machiaj skin in Dark. Lovely!


Photography at MIC Imaginarium

Meghindo’s Chanel gown can be worn many ways, pictured here in a fitted straight style. We love the sheer lining that slenderizes the figure.

STYLECARDS (new releases in bold)


Dress: Bianca gown by Meghindo’s

Hair: KEO in Red by Miamai; Hairbase in Brick Red by ICONIC Couture

Accessories: Warsaw’s night earrings by [glow] Studio

Makeup: Eyeshadow by Miamai, Glamour night lips in amaranth by Baiastice


Dress: LEVEL gown (w/gloves) by Meghindo’s

Hair: Kassandra in Black by ICONIC Couture (Coming Soon)

Skin: Andreea 2.0 Machiaj in Dark by Meghindo’s

Jewelry: Etername set (earrings, necklace) by Bandit

Shoes: CHIC in Platine by N-Core (yes, I know….I love these heels)


Dress: Chanel gown by Meghindo’s

Hair: Paige in Sienna Brown by ICONIC Couture

Jewelry: Caruso set (earrings/bracelets) by J and W Jewelers

Makeup: Deco eyeshadow by Miamai; Joplin lip gloss in Redshimmer by VACKRA


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