Obedience ~

“It is for each of us freely to choose whom we shall serve, and find in that obedience our freedom.”

Mary Richards

Today’s look warrants a blog of its own, as The Regina Blog features for the first time “OBEY”, a bold, fierce heel from diktator Originals by Usermane (thank you for your generosity to this blog) and ZUHAIR from one of our long time favorite designers, Meghindo (Thank you so much, Meghindo)!

Enjoy ♥



Dress & Fur Coat: ZUHAIR by Meghindo’s

Shoes: OBEY Spine Heels Bootie in Black/Gold by diktator Originals

Hair: Yassie in Brown by ICONIC Couture

Jewelry: Etername Earrings by Bandit Jewelry

Makeup: Delicacy Blush & Eyeshadow by Glamorize

Skin: Andreea – Medium by Megindo’s

Shape: Custom Shapes by Pao


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