~ Carnaval do Rio ~

I love samba. I love Brazilian music, Brazilian food, and Brazilian people. Portuguese is very close to Spanish. It’s a very guttural language, but very melodic, which makes for beautiful music, particularly Bossa Nova, the Brazilian equivalent of jazz, and of course, the exciting Samba.

This week, I wanted to feature one Carnival (Carnaval, port.) outfit that I found on market place for under 100L. \o/ It’s simply styled, with nails, natural wet & wavy textured hair, and sexy “naked” heels ~ so you can see the outfit, which speaks for itself. Traditional samba fits, as you can see, come much more styled, with boots and such, but here we focus on the fit itself ~ if you choose to wear it, be creative, as you see the dancers always are. Enjoy!


Under the bright lights…..


Costume: Carnival Brazilian Beige Italian Style by Augusta Creations (Marketplace)

Hair: Drama in Chocolate w/Light Brown, by Jolie Femme

Shoes: CHIC in Champagne by N-Core

Nails: Vendetta in Magenta by Gems & Kisses


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