In my beautiful Nicaragua, a woman is called costeña (from the coast) if she is from the east coast of the country – Bluefields, Corn Island, etc – typically someone with darker skin who speaks English AND Spanish, it is assumed they are costeña or from the coast where this is perfectly normal. When I go to Nicaragua, the capital usually, I am always called Costeña because of my dark skin in RL. I wanted to do a series of small posts with shots using a darker skin I’m using now, with a natural, more basic style and art. The only word appropriate enough to me to use was costeña, just felt right.

I had a reminder recently that I need to focus more on the reasons I started playing SL in the first place. It’s time to get back to basics.

THE LOOK: Costeña 

Mood: Pensive


Hair: Hair25 by IRUCO

Swimsuit: One-Piece Jaguar by Meghindo

Shoes: Coquette Heels in Black by N-Core

Earrings: Diamond Square Studs by RYCA / Anjami Chandalier Earrings by ZAARA

Scenery: My home beach


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