Out with the OLD…..In with the NEW ♥

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.

Tony Robbins

For my first post of 2012, I wanted something explosive, FIVE LOOKS symbolizing new flair, a new direction and newness all around ~ saying goodbye to yesterday and HELLO to a new day. And how could we not enter 2012 without new styles (and new hair colors!!!!) from ICONIC Couture? Of course!!! The lovely and generous Neveah Niu has graced us with four NEW styles and a HOT group giftie in a whole new brand of sexy shades!!! Also featured in this entry are styles from the outgoing high-end brand OSAKKI, which sadly saw its end in early 2012, and a couple of NEW items from The Dressing Room and Tropicalia Bazaar – a NEW wave in high-end fashion shopping – designer brands for LESS. Both of these discounted locations update their inventory at least every few weeks, so it’s best to KEEP these landmarks handy. Nothing is more than 100L. ENJOY. ❤ (New releases are now in bold)

Also, I’ve had a couple of fun things happen in my lovely SL. I got married / and I’ve been teaching myself GIMP, so you’ll see better visual quality photos. Yes, I’m always a promoter of raw pics, though I saw how GIMP could improve the visual quality of my raw SL pics, so no overly done graphics for my blog – just sharper, crisper shots. As always, my shape/skin varies according to how I feel the outfit is best styled. You can click on the pic for a closer look.

I hope you like it. Feedback welcome.



Hair:  IVANKA in Shadow Frost (Obsidian) by ICONIC Couture

Top/Pants: Realta Jumper, Kurai Collection, OSAKKI (closed)

Necklace: HYDRA Necklace by ROZOREGALIA

Gloves: Nikka Driving Gloves by Indyra Originals

Belt: Double Bullet Belt by JPK

Boots: Flat Ankle Boots by COCO Design (group freebie)

Eyeshadows: 1) Eyespray by Damned; 2) Essence by Grixdale (Liner)

Lips: Joplin Glossin in Winterland by VACKRA

Props: Pose “Grunge” by Virtual Poses and Props; T3 SVD Dragonov Sniper Rifle



Hair: TiaDraa in Jet Black by ICONIC Couture

Bodysuit: February by The Dressing Room Blue

Heels: Anita in Badseed Red by Stilletto Moody

Eyeshadow: Heavy Metals by Glamorize

Lips: Glamour Night in Red by Baiastice

Nails: Vendetta in Red/Gold by Gems & Kisses

Earrings: Tres Circle earrings by HUCCI (giftie)



Hair: TaMya in Light Blonde (Bombshells) by ICONIC Couture

Swimsuit: Carnival by OSAKKI (Closed)

Bracelet: Chunky Bangle in Gold/Red by Ooeas!

Heels: RIVEA Pumps in Tan by MStyle

Sunglasses: Fi Umo Sunglasses in Turtoise Fog by Armidi Gisaci

Lips: Wet Kiss in Fudge by Glamorize

Nails: Glitter by TGIS in Gold



Hair: Glam in Sable Brown (Cafe Au Laits) by ICONIC Couture

Dress: Discipline by OSAKKI (closed)

Heels: GOSHI Pumps in Black by MStyle

Earrings: Diamond Square Studs by RYCA

Lips: Joplin Gloss in Red by VACKRA



Hair: Kate in Crave Red (Vamps) by ICONIC Couture

Jumpsuit:  A&A Fashion Hili in Violet @ The Dressing Room

Earrings: Tres Circle earrings by HUCCI (giftie)

Heels: Etermity DOTS Edition by N-Core (giftie)

Nails: Vendetta in Purple by Gems & Kisses

Eye Makeup: Haiti by Fashion Makeup

Lips: Wet Kiss in Bourbon by Glamorize


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