I do quite naughty things now. I do like to be a bit sexy.

Kylie Minogue

Sometimes you just gotta feel feminine and sexy. It feels good.

Today’s post is all about new Katy, a feminine, curly, bouncy girlish do by Neveah Niu’s ICONIC Couture. I had to pair it with lingerie because it’s such a classy, sexy style. I hope you enjoy.

Love, Pao. 🙂



Hair: Katy in Black by ICONIC Couture

Top & bottom: Intimizzio Sequin Laced Vixen by Armidi Gisaci

Shoes: Eternity Dots, Edition L (group giftie) by N-Core

Lipstick: Round Midnight by Glamorize

Eye make-up: Musa, summer group giftie

Earrings: Diamond Square cut stud by RYCA

Bracelet: Reign, by Finesmith

Belly jewelry: Finesmith, group giftie



Hair: Katy in Red by ICONIC Couture

Bodysuit (2-piece): Aminal Chemise by Lingerie Boutique

Shoes: Jean in Red by Stiletto Moody

Earrings: Hanging Ribbons in autumn colors by [glow] Studio @ The Dressing Room

Bracelet: Takara A/(L)/gold metal by MANDALA

Lips: Winterland Joplin gloss by VACKRA

Face paint: Panther girl caustic by Grixdale (closed)


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