What is your Fantasy?

“Sarah: Ouch! It bit me!

Hoggle: What did you expect fairies to do?

Sarah: I thought they did nice things, like grant wishes.

Hoggle: Huh, shows how much YOU know!”

Sarah & Hoggle from Labrynth (1986)

Greetings, fashioncitas. I almost always allow the items I’m blogging to inspire a feeling/emotion that might lead to a styling theme. This time, the Regina Blog is fortunate to bring to you a new release from Neveah Niu’s ICONIC Couture called “Heather”, a free-flowing, feminine hairstyle that comes with either slightly wavy (Heather) or very wavy tresses (Heather II). The styles inspired fantasy fashion and two looks: a Fae and a Mermaid, shots taken on location around the grid at beautiful SIMs as noted. As always, the shots are raw, no photoshop, click on them for a clearer look. I hope you enjoy. Love, Pao. 🙂



Hair: Heather in Tawny Blonde by ICONIC Couture

Fae Dress & Wings: Autumn Fae in Sand by *IW* Inga Wind Clothing

Nails: French Manicure by TGIS

Poses & Butterflies: “My Blue Butterlies” by Art Body Store Poses, only available @ Tropicalia Bazaar

Lily Fae photos taken at Reale Isle, one of the most beautiful areas I’ve seen in the grid, and also the site of Tropicalia Bazaar. Check out the Bazaar – they have excellent deals on great items.




Hair: Heather II in Tootsie Brown by ICONIC Couture

Mermaid costume: Bijoux Autumn by !cm!sea

Eyes: Azzurra Eyes by CCC

Eye Make-up: Delicacy by Glamorize

Selah Sirena pctures taken at the Trident Mermaid Lagoon and the ANWR Channel


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