Music in my veins!!!

Feel the adrenaline, moving under my skin

It’s an addiction, such an eruption

Sound is my remedy, feeding me energy

Music is all I need

Baby I just wanna dance……I don’t really care……

David Guetta, feat. Rihanna “Who’s That Chick?”

This week, the Regina Blog is pleased to bring you two fun new styles from ICONIC Couture’s new “Natural” collection, called Chaka and JoJo. I was feeling a lot of things this weekend as I thought about how to style this hair and I hope you like the results. The hair inspired music and beautiful lyrics by some of my favorite artists: Celia Cruz, Carlos Vives, David Guetta, LMFAO, and Chaka Khan. Crazy combo, I know, but I love music. ♥

A few sales are referenced here, so you should take advantage of them while you still can. AOHARU & ANEXX – 50% off everything until Sept 4th and Sweetest Goodbye Closing Sale until August 31st. As always – click on the pics for a closer look! 😉


“Everyday I’m shufflin….”

LMFAO, “Party Rock Anthem”

If you haven’t yet tried Firestorm or Viewer 2, I’d suggest you do. In terms of fashion, these viewers give you more styling freedom. Since items are often attached to your body parts, you can layer items in these viewers (two belts, hairbase AND markeup, etc.). These viewers allow you to “add” instead of “wear” items, which of course allows you to add color, dimension and fun to any outfit you want to style, as shown.


Hair: Chaka in Black by ICONIC Couture

Top/bra 1: Herangsa in Cream by Sweetest Goodbye (closing Aug 31)

Bra 2: Metal bra in hot pink by Rock Me Amadeus

Pants: Sequin  in Electric Blue by TGIS

Sunglasses: Modern Gypsy

Bracelet: Square Bangles in Water Tones by Purple Moon

Earrings: Michelle in Platinum by ICED

Shoes: Snowrain Boot Sneakers by LaRosa

Belt: Tinted Brianna Belt by INDI

Nails: TGIS

Lips: Pink Doll (tinted blue) by Glamorize



Tiene tumbao, anda derechita no camina de lao…diosa de la noche dulce como el melao, otra como ella yo nunca he encontrao…..

“She’s got rhythm, she walks straight ahead, she doesn’t walk on the side, this goddess of the night, sweet like fruit. Never found anyone like her….

Celia Cruz, “La Negra Tiene Tumbao”


Hair: JoJo in Sassy Blonde by ICONIC Couture

Top: Lily in Sienna by Purple Moon

Skirt: Dahlia in Sienna by Purple Moon

Earrings & Necklace: Crazy Coco in Purple by LouLou & Co (Platinum Hunt Item!)

Bracelet: Female Bollywood Bangles (free, located in your inventory library!)

Bare Feet: *COCO* (group giftie – FREE!!!!)

Sunglasses: Fi Umo in Turtoise by Armidi Gisaci

Lips: Autumn Wind, Glamorize

Belly Ring: Finesmith Jewelry



Que tu eres mi consentida…la niñita de mis ojos…

la que me endulza la vida…la que calma mis enojos.

You’re my beloved, the apple of my eye,

the one who sweetens my life, the one who calms my rage….

Carlos Vives “Fruta Fresca”


Hair: JoJo in Black by ICONIC Couture

Top: Flower Bandeau Swimsuit by AOHARU

Sunglasses: Vain in Copper by Purple Moon

Shoes: Summer Fruits Stiletto by Shoenique

Bracelets: Jungle Bangles by Your Shape

Nails: Vendetta in Teal by Gems & Kisses

Wrap: Women’s Toga Wrap (marketplace)

Lips: Natural Blush Wet Kiss (darkened) Glamorize



Anything you want done, baby….I’ll do it naturally….

Chaka Khan, “I’m Every Woman”


Hair: Chaka in Brown by ICONIC Couture

Dress: Versa by Meghindo (group giftie!)

Shoes: Diamond Wraparound Stiletto by Shoenique

Earrings: Diamond Radiance by Bijoux

Bracelets: Diamond by Magic Cubes

Makeup: Silver Diva Full Face by Glamorize


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