If I were a boy……

Pull up your pants….just like him

Take out the trash…just like him

Getting your cash like him, fast like him

Girl you wanna act like he did

Ciara, “Like a Boy”

This week’s Regina blog is really special, something for your inner tomboy. ♥

I am honored to pose with two awesome fashion bloggers who are here as “Guest “Reginas”: Personal Stylist Chioma Namiboo and Top Model Yasmina Lemon. After you check out the five (5) looks in this SMEXY post below (click on the pics for better view), please check out their blogs, now listed in the Regina Blogroll over there. —–>>

In honor of Mens 24 (ending tomorrow, Aug 27), an awesome fair that is showcasing all things men’s fashion and all things deliciously male, I wanted to do something different. We love our guys, don’t we….but this IS a blog for my GIRLS, \o/ so instead of inviting men to show off their finds at the fair, I wanted to bring you all a different styling theme for the ladies, and a first for all of us featured below: Androgyny, the scientific term for the human condition or style defined as having both male and female characteristics. You’ll notice a variety of looks here, from simply masculine to very rugged. As always, click on the pics for a better look. To find these looks, check out the “Stores to see” list over there —->>> or click on the links. Enjoy ~


 I wanted to start off the stylings with a mildly boyish look. This trenchcoat jacket is actually part of a full coat dress, but I’m only wearing the jacket and shorts portion for this look.


Jacket & Shorts: Lima Trenchcoat in Vecchio Bianco by Armidi Gisaci

T-Shirt: Shredded tank by NHD

Hair: Sid in Vanilla Blonde by Exile (mens)

Shoes: Pumehana boots in Black by R2 Fashion @ Maritima

Nails: French Manicure in Black by  TGIS

Lips: Wet kiss Macchiato (darkened to tan) by Glamorize



Styled by Chioma Namiboo, “Fashion Nectar

Chioma brings us a formal male suit and femmes it up with pink accents, sexy slicked hair and BAX boots. Great look 😉


Hair: GIABI Hair_Jetblack (ICON Hair)

Suit: [Cheerno] Tailored Suit Black/Pink

Shoes: Bax Ankle Boot Black Patent

Skin: KikoLife– Remix Honeychile Neutral



Styled by Yasmina Lemon, “Lemon Luxury

Top model Yasmina Lemon brings us a very casual, SEXY, stylish look. The colors compliment each other througout the fit and highlight the details in the fabric. Awesome.


Shirt: Gizza Tribal Shirt in Black

Pants: Gizza Wild Jeans Ripped Black Zebra

Hair: MADesigns Hair – Ari in Dark Brown

Makeup: Glamorize – Simply Glossy

Belt: Artilleri – Pyramid stud belt

Necklace: Gabriel – Mens black bead necklace (free group gift)

Boots: Redgrave – Girls Bikers Reloaded in Brown



Styled by Paola Trizomu and Chioma Namiboo

Chioma and I styled these outfits seperately but I felt like they went very well together. Enjoy 😉

Chioma’s chino pants can be worn with a flare leg or a tucked leg with boots, as shown.


On Chioma:

Top: MrPoet Work Shirt Denim

Pants: LL Mens Chino Grey High Cut

Shoes: RedGrave– Girls Biker Boots -White-

Hair: MrS VOGUE Afro vapor

Skin: KikoLife Remix Malta Neutral

Jewelry: Trinity (Bronze) Lip Ring & Ear clip- Copper- by Visualz Sassy


On Paola:

Top: Miley Tank Top (marketplace)

Pants: DJOD Jeans in Dark Blue by DIRAM

Hair: TRANCE in Black by ICONIC Couture

Hairbase: Black Hairbase by ICONIC Couture

Belt: Jewel Buckle Belt ~ Accessory Fair 2010

Tattoo: Y2 Tattoo 18 and 19 by DreamInk (store giftie)

Nails: French Manicure in Black by TGIS

Shoes: Sneakers V2 by LaRosa

Bracelet: Sparrow Bangle by VUI (no longer available)

Key Chain: Brass & Wood Mercedes key chain, original piece MrLuv Andel

Lip Ring: Bonia, freebie at The Yard @ Honie Isle (where I shopped as a noob)



This look is a spin-off of a military look I styled for MEI. I wanted something harder. 😉


Leather Jacket: Roll Up Riders JK w/shirt by AOHARU

Sweaty Top: Wet t-shirt by Flea 1

Pant: Radberry Leggings in Granite by Pink Outfitters

Hair: AESOP in Copper VIII (tinted) by MADesigns

Shoes: Flat Ankle Boots by *COCO* (group giftie)

Gloves: Nikka Driving Gloves by Indyra Originals

Glasses: Male Driving Sunglasses by VTwins

Necklace: Dog tags by [Simple Things]

Belt: Bullet Belt by JPK


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