Platinum Hunt ~ Romance Incarnate

“Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a

scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.”

Jimmy Buffett

PLATINUM HUNTTTTTTT!!!!! (covers my ears and screams)

You know I’m ALL about saving money. There’s SO much I wanted to share with you all on the Platinum Hunt, so I’ve style five (5) – that’s right – five total outfits from the items I got from the Platinum Hunt (yessssss, honey!!!).

I know hunts can be annoying and intimidating….but the website link above gives you the URLS, clues, AND links to pictures of the items so you can pick and choose what to look for. To put it plainly, I searched only for the items I was interested in, spent about $350L total and walked away with whole outfits and accessories for the five(5) ensembles from the Hunt you’ll see in this blog. Of course, that’s not to say only five (5) combination outfits can be made. Imagine what YOU can do when high quality items are only $10L and you pair them with your own accessories. If you have not participated in the Platinum Hunt yet, you have until the end of the month to do so.  If you miss it, you’ll definitely missing out on some quality items. And for $10L, why not? You know you can spend $10L taking snapshots.

Why not on great fashion?

Lets take a look at all the Platinum Hunt treats from my shopping bag – yayyyyy!



Dress: Milla in Chocolate by Baiastice (Platinum Hunt item)

Shoes: Pinup in Chocolate Brown Patent by Stiletto Moody

Jewelry: Paradise Turquoise set by Donna Flora (dollarbie)

Hair: YNO421 in chestnut by booN

Hair flower: Hair Flowers in Banana Strawberry by Lulu

Eye makeup: Yuki 18 by Miamai

Lips: Delicacy by Glamorize

Gloves:  Autumn Fae gloves by Inga Wing


 Ladies, you don’t have to be a lindenaire or go broke on lindens just to wear some of the BEST quality items on the grid. You just have to know what to buy, where to buy and WHEN to buy it. And by the way, this dress is FLEXI. 😉

The empire skirt on this G-Field dress moves and flows as you walk – lovely.


Dress & Gloves: Empire Dress by G-Field  (Platinum Hunt item)

Hair: Desir in Brick by Plume  (Platinum Hunt item, comes in 2 colors)

Earrings: Grandma Pearl by Baiastice

Eye makeup: Pearl in Amethyst by Musa

Lips: Wet Kiss in Rum Raisin by Glamorize


I know, the name of this look is sarcastic BUT the look just reminds me of an athlete’s wife, demure but sexy, lean and shapely.

This look is kinda perfect for those moms-to-be. The skirt is not flexi, but it IS mod, scripted in fact. You can mod it down to be a waist mini skirt or mod it up for an empire waist, as shown.


Dress: Diamond Dress by E&E  (Platinum Hunt item)

Jewerly: Bubble Dream by Alienbear  (Platinum Hunt item)

Hair: AEN105 in Blonde by booN

Bracelets: Magic cubes in Diamond 1

Eye makeup: Pearl in Sapphire by Musa

Shoes: BARE Brigitte in Tan/Brown by Stiletto Moody


Chantkare made a beautiful ensemble here. The skirt is mod, scripted to fit many avi shapes. I love the bow – so chic. I paired it with this fun, multipearl bracelet.


Dress: JADA Dress by Chantkare  (Platinum Hunt item)

Shoes: Illetes in Sandstorm by*YS&YS*

Hair: Berlin in Chestnut (tinted red) by CAKE @ FNKY

Bracelet: White pearl w/charms by +SPICA+

Nails: TGIS in French Manicure


This awesome tube top by PRISS is mod, so it can be a top OR a mini dress.


Top: Holy Heritage Flowy Tube Top by PRISS  (Platinum Hunt item)

Skirt: Flowery Zipped HighWaist by Peqe

Hat/Hair: BONOMO by LoQ  (Platinum Hunt item)

Jewelry: Barbarella set by Donna Flora  (Platinum Hunt item)

Shoes: Studded Heels by ANEXX @ AOHARU

Gloves: >A&A< Fishnet Gloves

Lips: Red lips by Glamorize


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