Ooh na na na na ~

“Hey boi, I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me

Hey boi, I really wanna be with you, cuz you’re just my type…

…Ooh na na na na….”

Rihanna, “What’s my Name”

This weekend, ICONIC Couture is releasing an exciting new hair called “TINKA”. Thanks Neveah Niu for allowing me to model this beautiful hair! TINKA comes in various shades of Berry (shown), Blonde (below), and Brown (below), as well as Black & White (included in the Mono pack) and Red (each pack is scripted so you can change the shade of that color). This hair is so much fun. It’s very flexi, which means you can literally whip your hair as your move. As you’ll see, it’s very unique, not exactly a bob because you can adjust the length and size to your taste. But the slanted cut, the layered structure ~~ its soooooo nice. TINKA will be released this weekend on Sunday, August 14th! ~~

*CLICK on the pics for a clearer, closer look*

Here are the stylecards. 😉 Besito, Pao 🙂



Hair: ICONIC Tinka in Berry

Dress:  Puffball Dress in Silver by House of Beningborough

Pantyhose: Lace Tights by AKA

Heels: Goshi Heels in Black by M-Style

Nails: Vendetta Nails by Gems and Kisses (tinted hot pink)

Eye-makeup: Miamai

Lips: Glamorize Pink Doll (tinted irredescent pink)


The shades of TINKA are suitable for any mood you’re in.


Hair: ICONIC Tinka in Brown

Top:  Black Zip-up top by VUI *freebie* (no longer available 😦 )

Pants:  Lea Vivendi pants in Air by Leezu

Necklace: All that Jazz by $GaNKed$

Bangles: *Your shape* bangles in black

Earrings: ICED Mulit-piercing in Platinum

Make-up: Musa gift eyeshadow (subsciber gift)


Check out the detail on these heels…..Ricielli makes a fabulous heel. 


Hair: ICONIC Tinka in Blonde (Blonde pack)

Top:  Strapless Sparks #1 Top by Maitreya

Pants:  Patty Glamour Rose tights by aDiva couture

Bracelet: Takara Bangles by MANDALA

Earrings: Heart hoops by Finesmith Jewelry

Eyeshadow: Pearl Emerald (full face) by Musa

Lips:  Joplin Redshimmer gloss by VACKRA

Nails: Vendetta (tinted Gold) by Gems and Kisses

Heels: Carmelia pumps by Ricielli


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