Regina saves you money….

“You want to look fashionable and put-together, not like you hit every sale rack this season.”

Tommy Hilfiger

Ladies, I’m going to give you some tips (and stylecards) to find (and be selective about) great deals at high quality places without looking like you spend days at the freebie mall. 😉 As always, click on the pics for a clearer view in your browser.

LOOK #1: Vanessa

You know, being a fashioncita (my Spanglish word for fashionista) is fun but it can get expensive, even for the most budget conscious lindenaire. But that does not mean that you have to be limited to the freebie malls and places that scream sale or where everything is under 10L. Nothing’s wrong with that, but this post and future Bargain Queen posts will be about finding inexpensive high quality items. With a little research, you can look fabulous and still have $$ to spare.

My friends know me to be a heavy shopper, but I look for bargains, sales and I love good gifties, customer appreciation giveaways, designer fairs, etc. It was a no-brainer for this week’s post to be about dressing to the NINEs while saving your money ~~ not getting just any ol’ freebie but GOOD ones. This post will be the start of a series, where I’ll invite the memorable styling moments of women on the grid for you to see who are doing just that – finding GREAT bargains from high quality vendors where they SHOP. While it’s great getting free things, it’s REALLY important to support designers for helping you look your pixelated best. YaY 🙂

So, why not support those stores you frequent the most? For one, you already know their quality….so why not support them? Often times, joining store groups gives you exclusive information about special sales and sometimes, private, time-sensitive sales. Discounts and deals abound in Second Life, but not everyone knows about them, so here are some ways I’ve found them at the places I shop at. Please note: The items featured in ALL three looks were acquired through group gifts, fairs (accessory fair, hair fair, etc.), or special sales (55L-60L weekend sales, etc.). You’ve seen two shots of Look #1, here’s your stylecard….some may still be available, some not, but at least you’ll know how to look for future deals like these. Feedback welcome 😉 Happy shopping, girlies ~~~~~~~~~


Top: Retro Dress (top worn) by Purple Moon

Shorts : Demin shorts by *COCO*

Earrings: Sing Song earrings by The Dressing Room

Hair: Cinderella Updo by Miamai

Glasses: SMP glasses by booN

Scarf: *COCO*

Belt: Queen Belt in Beige by R.icielli

Bangles:  Jungle bangles by *Your Shape*

Sandals: INNA by Diktator

Makeup: Face Suntan and lips by Glamorize

Nails: French Manicure set by TGIS

LOOK #2: Camryn


Dress: A&A Fashion Delores Dress @ The Dressing Room

Pantyhose: [Attitudes] Lace Tights Black B ($1L on marketplace for 10 shades!)

Hair: Grappa by LoQ TDRB Edition @ The Dressing Room

Earrings, Bracelet, and Necklace: Folium by Finesmith Jewelry

Eyeshadow: Miamai Deco shadows

Lips: Winterland Joplin Gloss by VACKRA

Heels: The Dressing room Gift Pumps in Black

Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious Lashes @ The Dressing Room

LOOK #3: Rubia

 Gorgeous crystal green earrings and the bold green bag come as a set @ The Dressing Room. I love this place. It was like shopping at Off 5th (Saks Fifth Avenue’s discount center). I felt “fall leaves pretty”, like Sunday Brunch on a late August afternoon…. LOL  🙂


Dress:  Cosima Dress in Red by CheerNo Femme

Bag:  Messenger Bag by R.icielli @ The Dressing Room

Earrings: Brigitte Earrings by R.icielli @ The Dressing Room

Hair: Toni by Exile in Fawn @ The Dressing Room

Sunglasses: Fi Umo Turtoise – Fog/Gold by Armidi Gisaci @ The Warehouse (special seasonal sale, no longer open)

Lips: Autumn Wind by Glamorize

Heels: Aleida Malene Pumps in Military Green (no longer open)

Nails: French Manicure in brown by TGIS

Bracelet:  Dark Gold bracelet by Gatti


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