Glamour Girl

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Coco Chanel

For the inaugural post of this blog (YAY :)), I’m fortunate to have a new release to discuss and something that makes me feel so feminine and so powerful at the same time! ICONIC has released an incredible style called “Nadine”. (Neveah Niu, you are a genius and THANK YOU for the opportunity to model this hair, as well as for inspiring me to start this blog ~) I love it because it’s sexy, sensual, classy and practical, all in one. There’s something so feminine about this look, but it also has a “Get out of my face, I run this” look. I wanted to pair it with a few elegant looks and show that not only is the hair gorgeous to look at, but its FLEXY (a big plus, ladies!).  Click on the pictures for a better, clearer view in your browers. Also, most of the time depending on your AO or poses, its prims will not go into your clothes because it’s swept to the back and trails perfectly down the curve of your spine (YAY).  Lastly, I want you to notice that some of the items I discuss are also group gifties too. Miamai offers some excellent group gifties in terms of accessories. So don’t be afraid to support some of your favorite stores by joining their groups and supporting their quality work. All the links to the stores mentioned in my blog will be posted over there —-> on the right column under “Stores to See”. This list will grow…..(LOL)

Hope you like….happy shopping, ladies!


Hair: “Nadine” in Brown (Brown pack) by ICONIC

Dress: “Candy” by Meghindo

Earrings: Michelle in Gold by ICED

Nails: French Manicure by TGIS

Eye make-up and lips: Glamorize

 Incredible detail in this hair and in the earrings. Eyeshadow ain’t too bad either. Just lovely. 😉


Hair: “Nadine” by ICONIC in Natural Blonde (Blonde pack)

Dress: “Marilyn” in Magenta by Purple Moon (Group giftie ;))

Bracelet: Black Diamond by [PP]

Earrings: Felicity by Virtual Impressions

Nails: TGIS in Red

Lips: Glamorize

Eye make-up: Miamai July Group giftie (just FABULOUS!!)



Hair: “Nadine” by ICONIC in Black (Mono pack)

Dress: “Nora” by Donna Flora

Earrings: Chop Zuey (Thank you, RLB)

Eye make-up: Autumn by Glamorize


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